This was the first time I took on the challenge of painting mist. It was also the first time I really had to get to grips with the different types of white paint too. Before this painting I used Titanium white pretty much exclusively without realising that it is far too opaque for painting a scene like this where the mist blurs the detail in the distance but doesn’t entirely obscure it.

The painting would have benefited from me realising a lot sooner that zinc or flake white would give me a more transluscent effect. Had I built up the misty mountains as a glaze with layers of zinc white and blue mist it would have been more effective.

I struggled with the reflection on this piece too. It was very complicated to mirror the image in the water and it involved a lot of turning the canvas board upside down and frowning! The mountain structure reflection works ok but I don’t think the blossom trees work as well. I think theey should have been more distinctive individual trees which would have had more impact reflected into the water.

Overall I wasn’t displeased with this and it was a lot of fun to paint. It’s one I might do again now I am more experienced as I think I could do a better job of the terrain and the trees on the right hand mountain.

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